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Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin, portrayed by Stephen Smith in authentic dress and speech, will visit your school, library, or civic organization for first-person performances and classroom visits.


Ben will tell stories from his youth, as an apprentice and printer, as ambassador from the Colonies to France, his work during the Revolutionary War and the early years of the United States, Ben's many inventions, and his extensive writings.  Popular topics include Poor Richard's Almanac, the Sayings of Benjamin Franklin, and the real kite story.


Programs can be adapted to range from 45 to 75 minutes.  Longer programs include time for participants' Q & A directly to Ben.  Choose the focus of Ben's presentation:  history, science, literature, or an overview of all three.   


Book Ben to appear at your school's Colonial Day or Revolutionary Day celebrations.


Appropriate for 4th grade through senior citizens.


Also available is a full 2 hour program with intermission, especially appealing to adult audiences.








Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence President Craig Story presents a plaque to Tulsa actor and educator Stephen Smith during 2017 Colonial Day.

The plaque reads, "In recognition of Stephen Smith for his distinguished service as a living history presenter in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence honors Stephen Smith for his 15 years of service portraying Ben Franklin at Colonial Day at the Capitol and for his living history presentations in public schools and community Colonial Day events throughout Oklahoma. Through his scholarship, humor and creativity, Stephen has brought  the character of Ben Franklin to life for thousands of Oklahoma students and given them a deeper understanding of early American history and their responsibilities as American citizens."

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